May 25

Remembering Our World War II Veterans

MemorialDay2015DelosMayhew MemorialDay2015WilburGibson MemorialDay2015ThurmanFisher MemorialDay2015ChetWood

The service of these four men during World War II contributed to the Allied defeat of dictators Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito in their goals for territorial expansion across the globe.  Without the sacrifices of thousands of young American soldiers, the lifestyle we know today would be nonexistent.  We should continue to fight for the freedoms and rights our country was founded upon and guaranteed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

These four servicemen all grew up in southeastern Edwards County, Kansas.

HomeFrontWarBondDrive HomeFrontBeechCraftAward








The World War II era in the communities of Trousdale, Fellsburg, and Centerview was a period of change, sacrifice, and growth.  From the high school boys drafted out high school to all the women left behind, every resident played a role and every role was significant.  Let’s remember all those people who contributed to the war from the home front as well.


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